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5 Year Required Testing:

Backflow Certification:

Inspection of Specialty Systems:

Let Us Inspect your Sprinkler System

Dry System Maintenance & Trip Testing:


 We Also Provide:

  • Fire Pump Testing

  • Dry System Maintenance & Trip Testing

  • 5 year Required Testing

  • System Flushing

  • Backflow Certification

  • Internal Obstruction Investigation

  • Inspection of Specialty Systems such as Preaction & FM 200

  • Foam Fire Suppression Test

Foam Fire Suppression Test:

You are required to have your Fire Sprinkler system inspected: annually, quarterly, or even monthly.  

 S.J. Carlson’s inspection team will make sure your system is working to protect the property and lives of your business.  

 We will call you when your annual inspection is due!

Fire Pump Testing:

Internal Obstruction Investigation: