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​​Design Team

Joshua Bouromphongsa (NICET I)

Engineer / Designer

Marco Depaz (NICET I)

Engineer / Designer

Chuck Hart

Estimator / Project Manager
Cell:  815-790-3406

Tom Groeschel (NICET I)
Estimator / Engineer
Cell:  815-540-3912

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Sales Team

Jessica Poupard (NICET III)

Estimating Coordinator / Engineer


Jon Hart

Lead Inspector
Cell: 815-509-2360


Paul Rawson

Material Manager / Purchasing
Cell:  815-378-8498

Jeff Parisot

Shop Manager 
Cell: 815-509-2364 


Peter Rockwell

President / Owner
Cell:  815-703-6791

Rogene Rockwell


Kerri Wallace


Kristin Brcak

Project / Inspection Coordinator

​Cell: 815-914-5465

Jackie Hart
Office Administrator